Center For Natural And Xolistic Health​​

The Center For Natural and Xolistic Health is based on the elements of Xolar Vibronics- the art and super science of the sun taught to a hand full of students dedicated to a life long apprenticeship with the founder and director of Xolar Vibronics- the legendary Andean Healing and Martial arts Master Dr. Xue.  The practitioner of the services offered at the Center for Natural and Xolistic Health is Geronimo Ikaro Phoenix, one of the oldest students of Dr. Xue and among the handful of students in the past 25 years who have been recognized to pass these teachings and authorized to practice this awesome and deeply effective science and art of holistic healing.  The programs and services offered at the Center For Natural And Xolistic Health are gifts the Mother is passing at this time to help her children who have gotten out of balance, to find the origin of their mistake's, eliminate them and recover the intelligent ways of living which she instructed all her souls in the beginning. Sadly through carelessness, selfish behavior, viscous and malicious tendencies which infect our souls and enslave us to the human/material pleasures, the natural ways of living she instructed her children in the beginning have been almost completley erased from the practices, teachings and even memory of most cultures and beings on Earth now.  It is due to this massive and nearing a catastrophic loss of intelligent functioning as the the Mother originally designed that these practices are being brought forward for serious souls who humbly and sincerely would like to do the job of investigating the origins of the imbalances that have come to infect them, even if the entire world around is doing it also, and take personal responsibility for their misaction thru powerful, sincere and  bone cutting recapitulation in order to confess their own life misactions and mistakes and make the necessary, difficult and life changing moves of eliminating all which is no longer needed. Earth is not a place for a party where someone else cleans up the mess while we have no personal responsability in the maintenance and care of the one who sustains us. Who sells ideas like this? Ideas, such as, some how technology or science or a genius is going to save us all thru cunningly coming up with a way we can avoid responsibility for our actions and continue to live a life of sedation, comfort and oblivion where we are totally disconnected from how our own actions effect the  world around us. Meanwhile we destroy everything we love and cherish and the army of talking heads on the televsion screen and newspaper condemn the world around us for corruption always pointing the finger at someone else conveniently never seeing ourself as a part of the problem. This is your opportunity to correct, this time is valuable don't waste it! You are here because this is what you've been looking for no? ok goodbye but if you are sincere than this is your time  get in touch.   Come with a sincere and open heart, with an honest intent and humbly those who do are welcome to get in touch.